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When it comes to engraving, here at M K Studio, we have found that adding a personalised touch to a memorable piece of jewellery, gift / present item gives it that special touch which will last a life time of memory. You can select from the modern to traditional fonts of your choice. It does not matter what the occasion of celebration is, if it’s marriage, anniversary or just a thank you, engraving your gift item just adds that final touch to your gift item making it extra special.


To the extent where labels which are printed can peal or wear off, if your prestigious engraved item is engraved, it can hold almost a life time span as well as protecting your interest to help avoid litigation. By engraving a quality and not so expensive engraving you can achieve this. We can engrave almost anything on almost any material, be it signs or labels of any applications.engraving service done by one of our specialist craftsmen


Few of our very own and well known materials that we use to engrave are:

  • Anodised or Non Anodised Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Glass
  • Plastic Laminates
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wood

Laser Engraving Service:

At M K Studio, we use the latest technics and equipment when we carry out any engraving work, this enables us to produce very high detailed markings using the very fine high powered laser beam equipment. Our very own laser engraving service also allows us to carry out a wide selection engraving work which are suited to any items or materials, we can engrave on any of your prestigious or non-prestigious materials. Our very talented and highly skills craftsmen are able to engrave on thin or hollow objects or items and yet still after polishing the final product retain its excellent high quality definition.


With addition to our engraving service, we at M K Studio can provide the hallmarking specialist service which is an excellent choice for all your 2D or 3D personalised messages, signature, logos, item serial numbers and even lettering, we can provide this specialist service of hallmarking on almost any individual pieces as well as running them in a bulk.


If you want to go for a special limited edition, then we would highly suggest using 3D hallmarking and for everything else such as bulk runs you go with 2D hallmarking’s.


To find out more and which choice is the right one to make, feel free to speak with us, you can also call us directly from your mobile phone.

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