Key Cutting Service including Vehicle keys with digital chip

M K Studio holds a vast range of keys in stock that enables key cutting for almost any makes, model of vehicles, motorcycles, homes, caravans and business premises. This is inclusive of keys with certain transponder microchip such as for motorbike, vehicle keys and more. Security keys including safe and tubular keys are all cut on our own key cutting excellence premises, which is equipped with the latest precision technology. At M K Studio, our drive is satisfaction and peace of mind for all our customers, therefore all key cutting services are fully guaranteed and comes with specialist technical help line where you get to speak directly to a human being and not an automated machine.


Our key cutting service is carried out on our own premises, which helps us to offer rapid service to all our customers, private or commercial. We also have engraving service that you can utilise to personalise the keys for ease of access and to quickly find the key you require. With our top of the range engraving equipment, we can engrave on almost any material or surface. We have found the engraving of keys to be very helpful across our commercial customers and onsite security guards, helping them to identify the correct key to gain access quickly.


Do you have a broken key or damaged / faulty key? – Don’t panic or stress, we will find a solution for you. Our experienced key cutters will ensure you that the right key is cut for you and it works first time, allowing access to your home, vehicle, caravan and business property.


Different types of keys which can be cut:expert key cutting service done by one of our own key cutting specialists.

Just like our human hands and fingers all keys are different, from a distance they can be deceiving and look all the same but when closely assessed, they are all different. At M K Studio we are most likely to duplicate any set of keys as well as cut the keys which can fit the lock of your choice. These keys can range from automotive vehicle key cutting to merely spare duplicate of a front / back door for home and commercial property, security safes, windows or out house.


Key cutting over the Phone Service:

Each modern key has an assigned number on it which can be easily identified. Call us now directly on 020 7724 2722 and speak to an expert key cutter at M K Studio, who will guide you and help you to identify the key number. Once we have the unique number we will have the key cut and ready for collection at your convenience. This will be all done directly over a hassle free phone conversation and you will be given a reference number which you will need on collection. Easy!


Come in and have your key cut today with us, alternatively just call us on: 0207 724 2722.

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