Swatkins Collection of Trophies, Medals and Awards

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To open in Chrome – you may / will need to change a few settings in the Chrome browser first

1)When opening the link in Google Chrome you will need to change a couple of settings in order to view the catalogue properly.
2)In the address bar at the top of the page, there should be a padlock just to the left of the web address.
3)Click the padlock, this should bring up some options for you to view. If one of the options does not say ‘Flash’ click ‘Site Settings’ this should open up another page with numerous options on it.
4)Find the flash option and from the drop down click ‘Allow’ and then go back to the catalogue page.
5)Now click on the padlock again and the flash option should now be there.
6)From the drop down, click ‘Allow’ again and then click anywhere on the page so that the box disappears.
7)A bar should appear at the top ‘To apply your updated settings to this site, reload this page’ please click the blue reload button next to this statement. This will refresh the page and you should now be able to view the catalogue normally.
8)Unfortunately, once the browser is closed down you will need to repeat process 5-7 in order to view the catalogue in its optimal form when you re-open it.

We do extremely apologise in advance for the inconvenience caused for using the above method as the feed of the catalogue is directly from Swatkins and we have no control over it at all.

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